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Monday, November 26, 2007

On your Marks,Get Set Go!!!!!

She filled herself with unspoken accusations ……everyone took the center stage but her….so she made herself rigid, she never wanted to take a step back and see what situation she was in… …. …Mystification overshadowed all her questions …. But if she had to make a choice???……..Well, there was no choice..… Adapt or Atrophy ….and that got into her routine…and darn! She actually did pretty well.

Call it her smugness, as a girl she always needed to know the lay of the land before she threw herself into the fray. Building relationships took time….But !!!!!…An unexpected blessing from an unlikely place- something that she stumbled upon when she had decided its never going to come her way … He taught her the little wants of life and added to her little fantasies…He was a good person she knew, but not a saint….did they call it a lie if you actually lied to yourself???….. There would be more to it …only time would tell… no clock ticked, yet she heard one in her head…

She really did not know what to make out of him, he was so unpredictable well, undecipherable rather, she couldn’t ignore him, nor could she keep distance….but with all the odds, most important she was happy; she finally felt she belonged somewhere, with someone. If there was a cloud above number nine, she was on that. She wanted more out of life- she learnt as many of us do, that something amazing happens when you become someone else’s. A joy no one can fully comprehend until it’s personal.

He brought such light to her life, had shown her a different path without knowing the impact he was having.…..but then, hoping against all hopes she wanted him to stay in her life. Opinions were one thing but decisions without discussions are another…. What she did not know was that there was a lot of water under this particular bridge…………“A Fairy Tale, NO” his voice and her heart beats pounded in her ears.She hadn’t known what hit her until there was only silence in her head instead of him….

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